Katchi Kapshida

Katchi Kapshida

I told you in a recent post that my time at the Allume blogging conference was different this year. Last year was all about community, and this year was more about time for me and God. Just the two of us. Except it wasn't just the two of us. There were three of us. Last year at Allume, I met Morgan from Living a Page Turner. I was so excited to meet her because she was first person I had met who was my age and in the same life stage as me. Morgan and I kept up with each other through our blogs, and when Allume rolled around this year she asked me to room with her at the hotel. I jumped at Continue Reading

5 Things Every 20-Something Should Know About Retirement Savings

Retirement Savings Tips

OK, I'll admit it. I don't like numbers or figures or math. I don't like anything to do with finances (except shopping for pretty things!). My husband, on the other hand, knows what's up. Travis is my financial role model. I love how smart he is in general, but especially when it comes to providing for us and saving for our future. He takes care of paying for all our bills, investing our money, saving for emergencies, and he's even thinking about retirement. Before I got married, I was pretty good at saving my money and budgeting. But to be honest, retirement was the last thing on my mind. I Continue Reading

Bedroom Reveal

Bedroom Reveal

I'm so excited to announce that my bedroom is finished! Be sure to check out the bedroom before and during in one of my previous posts. A lot of work was done to this room, and now that is complete I seriously love it! It is exactly what I wanted. A big huge thanks goes out to my dad, grandpa, and uncle who put in countless hours of work for me. A big thanks to my brother and his fiance for helping me take the closet doors off, which took forever. And another thank you goes to my husband who helped me paint the closet doors, put them back on (sorta), and hang up my wall art. Please don't Continue Reading

Enchilada Soup

Enchilada Soup

I think Travis and I have fallen in love ... with this soup! I've already made it twice just this week! Here's what you'll need: Onion Garlic Olive oil Chicken Chicken broth Mild green enchilada sauce Rotel tomatoes with green chilies Knorr Spanish rice Sour cream Cumin Cheddar cheese (optional) Cilantro (optional, but not really because it's so amazing with this added!) I know that sounds like a lot of ingredients, but this recipe is pretty simple. I mean, I did make it twice in one week! Start by sauteing the chopped onion in olive oil over medium heat while stirring. It Continue Reading

My 10 Favorite Care Package Ideas

10 Care Package Ideas

The military comes with its pros and cons. Being separated is definitely a con. But even being separated has its own pros and cons (few pros, but still). One of the pros to being separated is being able to send fun mail to each other. I love gift giving and being creative. I love searching for little things I know my husband will enjoy. I've only been able to make Travis a few care packages in our time separated, but that doesn't mean I'm not always collecting ideas in case we need them for the future. Plus, even if it's not for someone in the military, care packages are super fun for Continue Reading

Closet Door Makeover

Doors Unfiinished

While Travis was home for a few weeks, I recruited him to help me paint my closet doors so I could finish the bedroom. The doors started out as wood, but I wanted a closet door makeover! I wanted to paint the doors a deep color as an accent for the white-walled room. Here's a before shot of the whole room, complete with one of the closet doors showing. We set the closet doors up one-by-one on this sawhorse. I wiped them down with a rag to make sure there was no remaining dry wall dust! We decided to use our paint sprayer for this project because we knew it would go faster! We were Continue Reading

26 Hours of Travel

Our Travels to South Korea

We woke up early around 4 a.m., Friday morning in our Indiana farmhouse. We threw on our most comfortable clothing and packed our last-minute essentials. My mom picked us up and drove us the hour to Indianapolis. It was still dark as the planes landed and took off, engines roaring. We unloaded the car filled to the brim with all our luggage, hugged goodbyes, and entered the airport. Travis and I checked our luggage -- two bags each. We tried to change our tickets so we could sit together, but there were no more seats available next to each other. We quickly grabbed breakfast -- Qdoba for Continue Reading

Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Travis and I bought a house at the beginning of this year. I've been living there and slowly fixing the place up since March. In those nine months of being a homeowner, I have discovered so many things I wish we had. Travis and I have talked about all the things we'd like to have as homeowners -- practical items that will come in handy as we fix up this home and even build our own home someday. As new homeowners ourselves, we thought it would only make sense to share these items with you as gift ideas for your friends and family who are new homeowners. Almost all of these items are on Travis' Continue Reading

Why I’ve Been Busy the Last 3 Weeks


Guys, I'm sorry. I usually post 3 times a week, and last week I only posted once. Sorry folks. I may have let you down. However, as much as I love this place I can call my own on the interwebs, as much as I love seeing my readers grow, there are more important things. One of those things is my husband. My marriage. As you know, he's been living in South Korea this year. We hadn't seen each other in around 6 months, and to be honest with you I was so over it. I felt done. So it was very much needed when he finally came home. In October, Travis came home to visit for about three Continue Reading

Coming Soon: The Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible

Every year at Allume, the halls are filled with sponsors, companies, and organizations. It's a great chance to make contacts and learn about some great businesses. This year, a representative from the Museum of the Bible was at Allume. She showed us a video of what's to come, and it got me so excited that I decided to write a whole post about it. What is the Museum of the Bible? The Museum of the Bible is coming the fall of 2017. This 430,000 square foot building will turn God' Word into an immersive experience designed for people of all faiths, ages, cultural backgrounds, and Continue Reading

Guy Behind the Blog: Episode 4

The Guy Behind the Blog

Well we missed a few months on this series, but that happens. Don't worry, though, he's back! In case you've forgotten, the Guy Behind the Blog series is where my husband, Travis, takes over and answers some questions so we can get to know him more. Here are this month's questions and Travis' answers. 1.  We’re headed into fall, which means cooler temps for most of us … are you a warm weather or cold weather kind of guy? I am definitely a warm weather guy. I really don't like the cold at all; however, fall is my favorite season. I love to see leaves changing colors, going to bonfires, Continue Reading

Sugar Cream Pie

Recipe for Sugar Cream Pie

Sugar Cream Pie. I'd never had it before. In fact, I had never even heard of it! But it is one of my husband's favorite desserts. So of course I had to learn to make it! This recipe is really pretty easy as long as you follow the instructions exactly. It could be difficult to get it the right consistency. Here's what you need: Half and half Butter Sugar Cornstarch Pie crust Vanilla Cinnamon Bake the pie crust. Mix the sugar and cornstarch together. Set aside. On low to medium heat, completely melt the half and half and butter together -- do not let it Continue Reading