Dwelling in Beulah Land

Dwelling in Beulah Land

I grew up in a small country church where we sing from hymnals every Sunday. I have a few favorites -- hymns I've memorized the lyrics to from singing them so much. The ones that I know exactly what page they are on, so when the song leader tells us what page to turn to I get a smile on my face. One of my all-time favorite hymns to sing at church is Dwelling in Beulah Land. Page 549 in my church's hymnal. :) If you've heard this song before, you know it is upbeat. I think that's one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy it so much -- it's happy and uplifting. Here are the lyrics. Far away Continue Reading

E-World in Daegu

Visiting E-World

Travis and I recently spent a day at an amusement park called E-World in Daegu. It was such a neat experience and we got so many fun photos that I wanted to share it with ya'll. This is a great activity for anyone stationed at Camp Walker, Camp Henry, or Camp Carroll. E-World is an amusement park that seemed to have a love theme. There were lots of heart decorations and signs that read, "Love Park," "Love Path", and "Romance." We went during their spring season so they had flowers everywhere! So many tulips! It was beautiful! The park has lots of rides and things to do -- roller Continue Reading

Officers’ Housing at Camp Walker

Housing at Camp Walker

Not long after Travis got his orders to the Republic of Korea, we began wondering what the housing situation was like. Would they have room for him on post? Would he need to find his own place off post? What does the housing there look like? What types of furniture do they provide? We had so many questions. We tried researching online but didn't find much. We tried asking others who had gone before but no one had been at Camp Walker. We even tried calling and emailing the housing department at Camp Walker, but they never responded. When you are about to move to the other side of the Continue Reading

Currently {Vol. 12}

Currently 12

We're not in Kansas Indiana anymore... Did ya'll know I'm currently in the Republic of Korea right now? Yes, I am. So I thought it was time for a Currently post! There are a few affiliate links in here. View my disclosure policy here. Thinking about: How unreal it is that I'm here. On the other side of the world. In a country where I don't recognize a single letter, let alone word. I just keep wondering when it's going to sink in, when it won't feel so surreal. And then I think about how grateful I am for the opportunity to visit my husband, and how I'm so glad this isn't a Continue Reading

How to Say Numbers in Korean

How to Say Numbers in Korean

Remember when I shared some common phrases in Korean? Well, another great thing to learn in another language is how to say numbers. You may need to use numbers when ordering at a restaurant, buying things at a market, receiving or giving directions, and so many other things. So today, I'm sharing how to say numbers in Korean. The English number is in bold and the Korean number is next to it. Like I said in my previous post, some of the Korean symbols don't really correspond to English letters -- such as T, D, G, and K. Because of this, you may see different spellings of these words, but Continue Reading

Bathroom Makeover: Goodbye Swans

Bathroom Makeover

One of the first rooms finished in my house was surprisingly the bathroom. I guess it got done first because I need the bathroom. I need a toilet and a shower -- that's important to me. Now that it's done, I'm so excited to share it with ya'll! Check out my bathroom makeover! Here's what the bathroom looked like before we did anything. There was a window above the bathtub. Complete with old lady curtains. There were two towel racks above the bathtub. Teal and brown tile. A big clashing flower border. An old small mirror with lights that don't work. A big long mirror above the Continue Reading

Deviled Eggs with Bacon

Deviled Eggs with Bacon

This year for Easter, I brought my first dish to our family get-together. No one had signed up for deviled eggs, and you can't not have eggs for Easter. So I decided to try my hand at making deviled eggs for the first time! I knew I didn't want just any deviled eggs. You see, my sister-in-law made the best deviled eggs I'd ever had at Thanksgiving last year. And well, I just had to give my family a chance to try them too! Deviled Eggs with Bacon. Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Green Onion. Now that's what I'm talking about! (This post contains affiliate links. View my disclosure Continue Reading

Common Phrases in Korean

Common Phrases to Learn in Korean

Are you planning a trip to Korea? Or perhaps you are moving there? My husband lives there now, and I'm going to visit soon! One thing I'm worried about is the language barrier. I don't know a thing about the Korean language! Maybe you don't either? As a way to help myself, my husband, and others who may be visiting Korea, I am sharing common phrases in Korean for you to learn. Here is a list of some common phrases in Korean that would be great for learning. Some of the Korean symbols don't really correspond to English letters -- such as T, D, G, and K. Because of this, you may see Continue Reading

Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Dinner Party

Last week, I had my first dinner party in my new house. Remember how I've talked about how hospitality is on my heart lately? Well, this was one way I could extend hospitality to some of my favorite people. I made tacos. I borrowed a card table from my grandparents and some extra chairs too. I baked a small pan of brownies. I made a pitcher of lemonade. And I welcomed them into my unfinished home, to sit at my table and commune with me. I think they enjoyed my hospitality. But I definitely know that I enjoyed hosting them. The few days leading up to that party had been rough. I had felt Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Blog

How to Improve Your Blog

My blog is my baby. I started it in 2012 and slowly became more and more serious about it. My dream is that this blog will become my job. What I mean is that right now my blog is a serious hobby, but I would like my traffic to increase enough that I can make some income. I'd like this blog to become my full-time job. I had no idea, though, how much work it takes to get to that point. But I am on my way. (This post contains affiliate links. View my disclosure policy here.) Two things have put me on a path to making my dream a reality. The first was having a professional designer give my Continue Reading

South Korean Culture

South Korean Culture

Travis has officially lived in South Korea for one month, and even in that short amount of time he has learned a lot about South Korean culture. I love hearing about the things he's learned, and others I've talked to find South Korean culture very interesting too. There are so many things we didn't know! I wanted to share what we've learned in this first month. People dating in South Korea do not meet each other's families until after they are engaged. When a Korean baby is born, they are automatically considered a one-year-old. Therefore, a Korean may be 20 years old, but to Americans he Continue Reading

Closet Makeover

Closet - Before and After

The kitchen is one area of my house that I just have not decided what exactly I want to do. I can't decide on a color scheme. But there was one part of my kitchen that was a no-brainer. I needed a closet makeover. When walking in the door to my house, you enter the kitchen. Directly to the left sits an old coat closet that was literally falling apart. It was scary to look at, and I can guarantee no one wanted to hang their coat there. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks helping me keep the lights on. :) Here is what my closet looked like before. First, my dad removed the parts Continue Reading