Thankful Thursday 05.28.15

Thankful Thursday

It has been four months since I've posted a Thankful Thursday post! That's a long time, so I wanted to share with you five things I'm thankful for this week. 1. For Greg and my other furry friends. God has been surprising me with all sorts of love notes lately, and some of those love notes consist of his living creatures coming to visit. Now that I've settled into this old farm house, the animals in my yard have gotten used to me, which means I see them more and more. I now have a pet groundhog named Greg and two bunnies named Bonnie and Clyde. I love spotting them! 2. For walks and the Continue Reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie)

I love smoothie bars. Once when we were in Knoxville visiting family, I went to The Juice Bar literally every day to get a smoothie for lunch. They were amazing! The great thing about smoothies is you can make them at home -- and you don't have to know how to cook! Smoothies are easy to make, healthy for you, and so delicious! This chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie is no different. Here's what you'll need: Cocoa powder Peanut butter (or almond butter) Bananas, sliced and frozen Honey Milk (or almond milk) Start by slicing the bananas and putting them in the Continue Reading

Free Printable Scripture Cards

Free Printable Scripture Cards

I love my blog, and if you love it too then you've subscribed (or you should!). Subscribing to my blog is one of the best ways to support this blog space of mine, and it's also the best way to never miss a post! As a thank you to my subscribers, I'm giving you a gift! All of my subscribers are receiving a free printable of seven scripture cards + tips on how to use scripture cards. All of my current subscribers have received an email where they can download this printable, and all my new subscribers will receive the downloadable printable after they confirm their subscription. After you Continue Reading

How to be a Good Guest in Korea

How to be a good guest in Korea

Every culture is different. When you visit a new country, you want to show respect as you experience a new culture and meet new people. Are you visiting Korea? Or perhaps you are moving or already living there? If you've been invited to a party or dinner by local Koreans, this post will give you tips to make sure you are a good guest, showing respect to your hosts. These are tips on Korean etiquette to remember when visiting this culture that is several thousands years old. How to be a Good Guest in Korea Avoid eye contact. Unlike Western culture, looking into an acquaintance's Continue Reading

Dining Room Reveal

Dining Room Makeover

Let the home projects begin. Now that I'm back from Korea, I'm back to fixing up my old farm house. I finished the bathroom before I left, and today I'm sharing our dining room reveal. We really didn't have to do much. We ripped up the carpet to reveal the beautiful hardwood floors underneath. We changed the light fixture. And we added some blinds instead of curtains. I like my dining room, especially the windows that add so much light. Unfortunately, that same light made it a little hard to take photos. Let's start with some before photos. Be sure to notice the carpet, the curtains, and Continue Reading

Hawaii Photo Album


I told you in my last post that Travis and I were able to go visit Hawaii -- something I've always wanted to do and definitely didn't expect that I'd get to do it this year! Well, I have tons of photos from this awesome time in Hawaii, and who doesn't love to look at beautiful beaches and admire God's creation? So, I'm sharing some of our photos with you in this post. Think of it as you and me sitting down on my couch as you turn the pages of my freshly made photo album. Hope you enjoyed my photo album! Continue Reading

6 Things to Do in Oahu

6 Things to do in Oahu

Are you heading to Hawaii? Perhaps to the island of Oahu? Travis and I recently got to visit Hawaii, and it was awesome to say the least. The Army sent him there to take a class for a week, and I wasn't about to let him go without me! So we got me a plane ticket too, and off we went to a place I've always wanted to go! We had six days to do everything we wanted, and I was surprised that we fit everything into one week! During the day, I would go explore on my own while Travis was in class. I would pick him up in the evenings and we'd adventure out together. After our time in Oahu, I came Continue Reading

83 Grill in Daegu

83 Grill in Daegu

When we visited the 83 Tower in Daegu, we learned one of the very top floors is a romantic restaurant. We made reservations. We were both excited to get dressed up and have a romantic date night at this new restaurant. The restaurant was beautiful and fancy and romantic -- perfect for a special date. I loved the chandeliers on the ceiling, the huge bouquets of flowers, the candles on the tables -- all of it. The very best part was the view of course! We could see the whole city with all its sparkling lights. Oh, and did I mention the restaurant rotated?! Yes, it rotates so you get a 365 Continue Reading

Ways to Bless a Military Spouse

Ways to Bless a Military Spouse

Looking for ideas on how to show kindness to a military spouse? Well, you've come to the right place. As a military spouse myself, I have always been so thankful to those friends, family, and even strangers who have blessed me, especially when my husband is away. It means so much to know we are supported and cared for. Some of these ideas are my own, and I've asked other military spouses to chime in with their ideas too. Here are 10 ways to bless a military spouse. 1. Invite me over. It can be for dinner or just to watch TV and hang out -- I just want some company. Especially since I Continue Reading

A Guide to Korean Food

Guide to Korean Food

I am a picky eater. I always have been. My go-to dish is chicken strips and french fries. When in doubt, order that. So when I visited South Korea to see my husband who's living there, I was very nervous about the food! In fact, our first time going to a Korean restaurant made me break out in a sweat. I was so nervous that I wouldn't like anything! And not knowing what you're ordering or even eating once it arrives didn't help matters. For those of you who may be feeling panicked at the thought of trying these new foods, I've created this guide to Korean food to help you stay calm in the Continue Reading

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

April showers bring May flowers. Yes, I have seen a whole lot of rain this past month, so I'm very excited to welcome May and see all the gorgeous flowers blooming. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite things. In fact, this year one of my goals is to always have fresh flowers in my home. I have so many beautiful vases, and it's time to put them to good use! Flowers from florists can be expensive though, so of course we want them to live as long as possible. I decided to get some tips straight from a florist to find out how to make fresh flowers last longer. Alberta Fowler was a florist for Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Deals

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is upon us. I don't know about you, but my mom is one of my very best friends. In fact, I'd say as far as best friends go, my husband is #1 and my mom is #2. It's pretty special that I get to call my own mother not just a friend but a best friend. I hope that you feel the same way about your own mother. This Mother's Day, let's spoil those diaper-changing, tear-wiping, hug-giving ladies we've grown up with. The advice-giving, meal-making mamas who have been there for us every step of the way -- yes, they deserve a thanks. So today, I'm first of all reminding you that Continue Reading