6 Things You Can Learn From Deployment


Today, we have another guest blogger -- Pam from The Coastie Couple. Take it away Pam! Hey guys! I'm Pam and I'm here today to share a few of the things I've learned from deployment with you. We've been through so many deployments in our three years together that I've lost count at this point. Are we on number five or number six? Deployments are never easy, but I have learned quite a few things from them. I thought it'd be fun to share some of those with you today. Check Out These Things You Can Learn From Deployment 1. Your friends are going to mean more to you now than ever before. I Continue Reading

On Being an Older Enlisted Spouse

On Being an Older Enlisted Spouse

Hello friends. I'll be taking a little blogging break, so I've gathered some blogging friends to guest post here. I wouldn't want ya'll to not have anything to read! My first guest post comes from Julie at Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life. I was 26 years old when my husband re-joined the Army. He went in as an E3 at age 30. A few months later, he promoted to an E4 and that is how he spent the rest of his time as an active duty soldier. A lot of people join the military at a younger age, 18-20 years old. Their spouses are young too. They work their way through the ranks and can make it to E5 Continue Reading


As you've read in my posts lately, I've been struggling. Life is just hard sometimes, friends. And when life gets hard, it's OK to take a break. It's OK to not be OK. And when you aren't OK, you are allowed to pause. In fact, you should pause. You should focus on taking care of yourself. I know that taking a break from this blog is not going to help make it successful or help me grow readers. My traffic will decline. It is going to make reaching my goals much harder. But in the full scheme of things, I know that has to be OK. It is more important right now for me to focus on my spiritual, Continue Reading

When You Are Drowning

When you are drowning

When I wrote this post, I told you I was right in the midst of it -- in the hard, in the valley. Little did I know I still had farther to fall. I was honest and shared with you that I was trying not to drown. I felt like the waves kept breaking over me, and I was weak from trying to hold my head above the water. I told you I was praying that I would become a stronger swimmer. And I encouraged you that we will not drown and we will survive. I told you we would be stronger. But what happens if in the midst of that prayer to be a stronger swimmer, a tsunami hits? What if you feel more Continue Reading

Basement Reveal

Basement Painting

Basements. I'm glad I have one because, well, tornadoes. But I got to tell ya, my basement was down right scary. There was one single light bulb, a cement floor, crumbling stone walls, and wires going all over the place. I wouldn't have been surprised if it had been used as a torture chamber at some point. So when I found out that the washer and dryer hook ups were in the basement and that was my only option if I wanted to be able to do laundry in my own home, well, I was not looking forward to it. I knew I needed to brighten up the place or I would never want to do laundry, my clothes would Continue Reading

“Blue Without You” Care Package

Blue Without You Care Package Ideas

I had so much fun making a baseball-themed care package and a Fourth of July care package for Travis while he lives in South Korea. I've been looking forward to the next box I could send. I definitely miss Travis -- like a lot. So this care package seemed perfect. I really have been feeling blue without my hubby! When you open the box, it says "I'm so BLUE ... without YOU!" It's really simple to decorate and fill this box. I used blue scrapbook paper to cover the box and white sticker letters for the phrase. I included two blue ribbon bows to add a little something extra and fun to the Continue Reading

When You Don’t Feel Loved

When You Don't Feel Loved

I'm a woman. In case you didn't know. I've been learning a lot about myself as a woman lately. Things that I knew deep down about myself, but I didn't realize I am that way because of the very fact that I am woman. While reading The Language of Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs I learned that I need love. I've always longed for love, for the feeling of being loved. But now I realize it's a part of the nature of woman. We all want to feel loved. When reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman I learned that we all (men and women) have love tanks in a sense. Sometimes, our love Continue Reading

Front Porch Reveal

Front Porch Reveal

Guys, I am SO excited about this room. It is my favorite room in my whole house. I love how it turned out, and it really didn't take much work. Check out the before photos. How nasty is that carpet? And those curtains were not working for me. Let's take a closer look. I took down the curtains and cleaned around all the windows. There wasn't anything I could do with the carpet. I thought about pulling it up, but the cement underneath had been painted at one point and it was going to need a lot of work. So instead, I decided to cover the carpet with one big rug. But here's the thing -- Continue Reading

Uplifting & Strengthening Playlist to Overcome Deployment

Uplifting and Strengthening Playlist

This is my first time away from Travis for so long. It's been hard for sure. Although, this isn't technically a deployment -- the separation and lack of communication makes it feel like one sometimes. One of the ways I am getting through these months is through uplifting and strengthening music. Listening to certain music can change my mood and attitude. I think this playlist for deployment can help you overcome and feel strong. This list of more than 60 songs has many different genres of music, so you are sure to find something you like! Add these songs to your playlist for Continue Reading

30+ Signs You’re An Anderson University Raven

You Know You Went to Anderson University

Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, was my home from 2007-2011. It will forever be a special place in my heart. Did you go to AU? You know you went to Anderson University when... 1. You've been sledding at Shady Side Park. 2. You know Ivanhoe's is the best place to get ice cream, and it's worth the drive. 3. You'd rather go to Deluxe Donuts late at night than a frat party. 4. You don't bother going to the football games because you know your team is going to lose, but if you do go it's for the drummers from third floor Dunn. 5. You only stay friends with one person from Continue Reading

Great Food in Dallas Fort Worth

Great Food in Dallas Fort Worth

I recently got home from a trip to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. We had a great time, and one of my favorite parts of visiting a new area is trying new restaurants and great food. Are you visiting the Dallas Fort Worth area? Or perhaps you live there? Check out this list of great food in the Lone Star state. Here are my favorite restaurants from the Dallas Fort Worth area: Katy Trail Icehouse -- the food was amazing and the atmosphere was so enchanting. This restaurants is outside with picnic tables and lights strung through the trees. It's right next to a running trail. Dogs are Continue Reading

Things to Do in Dallas Fort Worth

Things to Do in Dallas Fort Worth Area

Have I mentioned this is my year of traveling? I hope I have lots of years of traveling, but this feels like my first big "let's see how many places I can go" year. I've been to South Carolina, Korea, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Florida so far this year. Plus, I've lived in Georgia and Indiana. I've drove through even more states! In fact, I've visited three new states I've never been to -- Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I went through those states during my trip to Texas. It's kind of random how I ended up going to Texas, but I jumped on the chance to take a trip down there. We went to the Continue Reading